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Seizoensbeeld Dinamo

DINAMO = Doeltreffende Initiatieven Naar Andere Mogelijkheden Overdag

(Effective initiatives towards other possibilities during daytime)

DINAMO wants to be a place where people of all sorts can meet, where projects and cooperation can find their grounds, where people can come together to learn and enlarge their knowledge, where people can play an active role be it as a student or as a volunteer.

The three goals of DINAMO


DINAMO offers courses concerning: health, good food, languages, being creative, feeling good, getting to know other cultures, awareness, ...

DINAMO wants to play an active role in society. Hence we make well considered choices, which you will find in our programme.

Culture is getting together

DINAMO wants to promote the social cohesion  bringing people together. That is the reason why DINAMO creates spaces where people can meet and where this meeting can lead to something more.


The Gele Toog at the Kongoplein and the Rode Toog at de Warande want to be  more than just a cosy tearoom. They are cosy hothouses with constant activity, places where you can find information and where new initiatives can find their grounds.


Special about DINAMO is that almost all the activities are guided by volunteers. Our volunteers act as teacher, serve you coffee at the Rode Toog and at the Gele Toog, they are your guides at your walking tours, cycling tours or at other excursions.

This well considered choice helps to get to know what lives among our public and new tendencies are quickly picked up. A unique opportunity to take part as a volunteer in this fine organisation.
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